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We've Revolutionized Cryptocurrency

DiVinciPay is a Wyoming Corporation and is the first permissionless, non-custodial plugin designed specifically for WIX & Wordpress websites.  Why do we spell DiVinciPay with a "Di" instead of "Da"?  "Di" stands for "Dependency Injection", which is a programming technique used for the reusability of code to achieve speed, stability and security.  DiVinciPay is a powerful tool that pairs with traditional payment systems, integrating seamlessly within WIX & Wordpress websites. DiVinciPay instantly upgrades a Web2 website to a high-powered, Web3 application. 

Recently, DiVinciPay announced two exciting development agreements.  The first is with WIX Payments and the second is with Vendasta.  Both agreements allow DiVinciPay to be utilized by the millions of websites that are on their platforms.

DiVinciPay Dev, is also on the Blockchain development teams for Shopify, Twitter (x), Meta and Telegram.

As of 2022, the global online payments market represented roughly $6.75 trillion, while the crypto market (excluding Bitcoin) clocked in at only $484 billion. As the disparity between the global online payments and crypto markets tightens, DiVinciPay is positioned to be the industry leader, bridging the gap between legacy payment systems and Web3 technology.
By being the first permissionless, non- custodial plugin to integrate with any online checkout platform, DiVinciPay gives the customer, and merchant, the confidence they require to make trusted and secure  transactions, while helping eliminate transactional fraud

With the expansion of Mad Hatter NFTs and My Airdrop Alert, our customers and consumers now have greater control of they spending on products in-real-life (IRL).   We are focused on the wide-spread adoption of crypto assets being used to purchase everything from  cars, homes, gas, groceries, clothing and more.  The more IRL availability, the more control holders will have over their own spending capability.




DiVinciPay in Numbers

Founded in the crypto friendly state of Wyoming as a C- Corp



Currently, we have a portfolio of 6 products and 3 tokens


Product Features

Over 1,000 tokens on Etherscan and BSCscan


Digital assets

Over 70k agencies, 6m merchants, 100m consumers


Number of Users

We are looking for quality people to add to our team.  Below are current positions we are looking to fill.

Want to Work With DiVinciPay?

Influencer with Following

We are looking for crypto influencers that have a active following on Twitter (x), Telegram and Instagram.

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Merchant Manager

This position requires an energetic and well organized professional, who has an over reaching customer base of merchants.

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BD Manager

This position requires an energetic and well organized professional, who strives for excellence and has the ability to structure product partnerships for the DiVInciPay suite of products.

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