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We've Revolutionized Cryptocurrency

DiVinciPay is a Wyoming Corporation and is the first permissionless, non-custodial plugin designed specifically for WIX & Wordpress websites.  Why do we spell DiVinciPay with a "Di" instead of "Da"?  "Di" stands for "Dependency Injection", which is a programming technique used for the reusability of code to achieve speed, stability and security.  DiVinciPay is a powerful tool that pairs with traditional payment systems, integrating seamlessly within WIX & Wordpress websites. DiVinciPay instantly upgrades a Web2 website to a high-powered, Web3 application. 

Recently, DiVinciPay announced two exciting development agreements.  The first is with WIX Payments and the second is with Vendasta.  Both agreements allow DiVinciPay to be utilized by the millions of websites that are on their platforms.

DiVinciPay Dev, is also on the Blockchain development teams for Shopify, Twitter (x), Meta and Telegram.